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Building Bellingham

Sep 23, 2022

AB Crepes just celebrated its 10 year anniversary, and to kick off Season 4 we sat down with owner Bayly Peterson. We talk late-night party vibes, negative Yelp reviews, and the sheer grit and work it took to run a new business while a full-time student. 

This year, Bayly and his business partner opened Otherside Bagel Co. Taking the lessons of AB Crepes' success and Hodgepodge's failure, they introduced another go-to spot to the Bellingham food world with traditionally-made bagels (including a gluten-free option!) and breakfast sandwiches. 
So pour a glass of whiskey or crack open a local beer, kick off your shoes, fire up those Airpods and take in Episode 1 of Season 4. 

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