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Building Bellingham

Dec 16, 2022

Brothers Chay Tan and Lee Tan purchased Coconut Kenny's back in 2004. Chay tells the stories of the early days - purchasing on an owner contract, slinging real estate to pay the bills, and stretching every marketing dollar. Now, the family-owned chain has 7 stores in 3 counties and has opened up co-ownership opportunities to their employees and managers. In 2018, Chay partnered with a former employee to create Downtime Taps, which was the first self-serve tap room in Washington State.

In this episode, Chay talks about the rule of 7, not taking a paycheck from the business for years, and the reward of developing leaders within his business. So pour a glass of whiskey or crack open a local beer, kick off your shoes, fire up those Airpods and take in Episode 4 of Season 4.

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