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Building Bellingham

Jul 16, 2019

Jesse Nelson, co-founder and CEO of Overflow Taps, joins Leo to discuss his journey from hearing no to saying yes. He tells the story of opening two taphouses in Whatcom County, and the training process, recharging strategies, and strict Monday routine that he’s developed along the way.

This debut episode is a must-listen for aspiring leaders. While he rarely addresses the concept of leadership directly, Jesse is constantly referring to principles that entrepreneurs and business managers - or really anyone aspiring to take ownership of their career - should consider. 

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Hosted by Leo Cohen
Produced and Edited by David Pender Lofgren
Recorded and Mixed by Andy Rick
Social Media: Cooper Hansley
Digital Media Producer: Tiffany Holden
Logo: Sam Vogt
Theme Music: Aaron Guest
Recording Studio: Binary Studios