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Building Bellingham

Nov 18, 2022

Greg Klassen's woodworking journey began as a newlywed making furniture out of door scraps. Later he would design the original River® table - live edge wood with blue glass. Greg's distinctive style, his grit in going to show after show after show with little results, and his willingness to learn marketing and write an infinity of press releases and cold emails led to a turning point in 2014. After being published on a major contemporary art blog, Greg and his River® tables went viral. Since then, this one-man show has sold work to every corner of the globe, been featured by the Smithsonian, Sunset Magazine and the New York Times.

In this episode, he and Leo talk about setting a foundation for solid marketing, the importance of passion and grit, and how he personally delivered a 12.5' sculpture to Idaho.  

So pour a shot of whiskey, kick off your shoes, fire up those Airpods and take in Episode 3 of Season 4. 

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