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Building Bellingham

Jan 27, 2020

In this interview, we dive into culture, brand, and the PNW roots that created an environment for Woods Coffee to be successful.

Wes goes deep into what it takes to make a business work. Planning for the ramp-up time, having enough capital to prepare for one or even two years before the business becomes profitable, and sacrificing to make it work. In the early days, Wes could be found changing the oil in someone's car, with a phone to his ear talking over the next Woods expansion.

There's more - analyzing new markets, taking on opportunities others would deem too risky, expanding to 19 locations, and taking Woods from a small business to a big one.

Wes is a true entrepreneur. He's vulnerable, he's confident, and he has a vision of what he wants to accomplish. Any entrepreneur's path to success is riddled with challenges - and today we hear about some of the challenges Wes has faced, both as a human and as a business owner.

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