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Building Bellingham

Apr 21, 2023

Executive Director Alice Clark and Program Director Lindsey Payne Johnstone joined us to tell about the role DBP plays in keeping our downtown core vibrant and thriving.  The Downtown Bellingham Partnership (a 501(c)(3) nonprofit) is famous for is events - First Fridays, Wine Walk, and especially the iconic Downtown Sounds, a free-admission outdoor concert series which draws thousands of people and closes three city blocks over five Wednesdays in the summer. 

But the DBP crew is responsible for so much more: administrating micro grants for storefront improvements, public art efforts, graffiti cleanup, spring floral baskets, and safety patrols. Over the past three years, they've also seen their role expand further into business development support and advocacy, including networking with other downtown organizations down the I-5 corridor. We talked about the fentanyl crisis, how the empty office buildings mean less breakfast & lunchtime foot traffic for small businesses, and the emotional work of advocating for their constituents. 

About the show: