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Building Bellingham

Feb 17, 2020

Ben Kinney is a giant in the real estate industry, the owner of the Bellingham-based sales team that consistently is one of the top teams in the Keller Williams' US brokerages. Ben himself owns multiple brokerage franchises in the US and London, along with BRIVITY, BKCO Mortage, Place Inc and other companies ancillary to the real estate world.

But Ben's story didn’t start easily. Like in the game Monopoly, for Ben it started with one deed and then one green house. Ben was working as a cable guy for Comcast, and chatting with a customer one day: 

“I grew up super poor…. Home ownership was nothing I had never considered for myself.

She said “I own a duplex”, and I said “why didn’t you just buy a house?”

She said, "I own both sides… the neighbors next door? Their rent pays my mortgage.”” 

I looked at her and I said, “You live for free?!”"

So sit back and listen to the story of this regular guy and phenomenal business owner who lives right here in Whatcom County. Ben also talks about the importance of giving, of focusing on what you can control, and the impromptu cross-country road trip that changed both his business and his relationship to work. As always, the interview talks about leadership and overcoming the challenges that every entrepreneur will face.

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